Why is it important to have CCTV installed in our homes?

Many home owners now choose to install CCTV systems in their own homes. Why is it important to have CCTV installed in our homes?

CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent to criminals. It increases the risk of criminals being caught because they could be identified through the camera footage. Most criminals will scout through affluent suburbs looking for the easiest house to break into. Having an obvious CCTV system, or another security alarm installed in your home,, makes the house appear to be a more difficult target. Therefore the criminals will likely move on to the next house.

Modern CCTV systems can be monitored through mobile phone apps. Therefore it is possible to view live footage of your house from anywhere you have internet coverage. Some systems even provide motion detection so when movement is detected, an alert can be sent to your phone.

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  1. Evan Lodewyks

    Back in 2017 I had a trespasser on my property. This necessitated me to complement my existing alarm system with outside beams. Julian was the consummate professional before and during installation. My beams were activated once shortly after that. (Probably the same person as the first time, as it was on the same day of the week and around the same time.) Needless to say I now have peace of mind and faith in a decent alarm system. I’d recommend you guys anytime.

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