Security System Maintenance

Your security system is only as effective as its weakest component

security system needs regular maintenance. You should conduct your own weekly checks on your system to make sure it functions optimally.

This involves inspecting the individual components, changing the batteries when needed and ensuring that all the individual parts communicate effectively with one another.

Your own checks help prevent major malfunctions in your security system, but an annual inspection from a qualified technician helps ensure everything stays running optimally for years to come. An inspector performs a more thorough check on all. This helps prevent more expensive repairs down the road and also reduces the risk of the system failing when you need it most.

You can perform the following weekly tests to ensure proper functioning of your system.

Perform Weekly Perimeter Checks

Walk around your home every week to inspect the frame around each door and window to ensure there is no rotting, warping or any other condition that makes the entry easier to breach. Check the sensors on each door and window too.

Test the Control Panel

The panel has a “test” mode which runs a self-diagnostic to ensure everything works properly. If you use a monitoring service, notify them before running the test mode unless your specific system doesn’t require it. Visually inspect the panel as well to look for loose wires or any signs of damage.

Examine Your Lights

Check all of your exterior lights monthly to ensure all the lights work properly and have functioning light bulbs.

Inspect All Cameras

If you have cameras included in your system, examine them daily to make sure they have power, are aimed properly and have not been vandalized.

Security systems help automate the process of keeping your home safe, but it does not do all the work for you. Your own diligence is essential in keeping the system working and ensuring it is used properly. Communicate with your security company anytime there is any concern about the system or the proper use of it. Asking questions now saves you valuable time later if an actual emergency occurs.

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